Dear Sunshine,

We talk about this emotion more than I can truly remember.
It is brought up every day, whether it be through texting or talking.
It is beyond second nature to say that word to you, and about you.
Some days, it means more than others.
My chest can be filled with that word when I say it, and I mean it with everything I have.
Then I feel contemptment as I look into your eyes and see how much you mean to me.
Then there are times where my chest is hallow and barren, and that word is stuck in my throat.
No matter what though, I always mean it.
I have a hard time, giving everything I have, even to someone who means the world to me.
You cheer me up, and you are so much better with emotions than I am.
You always try your best, and you never let me down.
In the end, you light up my world, and you keep me going in life.


     Your Starshine

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