Mon, 06/17/2013 - 17:38 -- jjv22


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I love you
That's what you told me
That's what I told you
At one point
Our hearts joined
And for that moment time stayed still
And even the little bee by the white rose
Felt the so called love
After you left me
My heart ached
But I still loved you
And watched you and felt you
But not any longer
I have come to a better position in life
You were like the nail polish on my fingers
You were here for a while but slowly faded away
It's okay though no harm is left its all gone away
But still you love me
And still I sit and wait for the one, no longer waiting for you
And you still wait for me to come back, you know I won't
So now you just lay there
No breath, no color on your skin, no movement
I never...never knew
How strong my love can be


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