Love Is...

Love is the gentle flutter when you see them.

Love is the tug on the heartstrings when you hear them.

Love is the light tint of red,

lightly brushing against your cheeks when you speak to them.

Love is the sweaty, nervous butterflies on the first date.

Love is careful, the shy and gentle touch.

Love is hesitant, foreign feelings of the first kiss.

Love is the tenth, eleventh, twelfth kiss,

never losing the passion.

Love is hushed whispers in the dead of night.

Love is silent promises made through looks of want.

Love is bruising, harsh, full of passion,

yet careful and gentle, tender in the same way.

Love is the fighting, the harsh words cutting thicker and deeper than knives.

Love is the brokenness that follows,

the harsh tears, the heaving chests, and the wracking sobs.

Love is the tender touch and quiet apologies.

Love is thr promise of forever, sealed with a kiss and a ring.

Love is the home, only called home by the people who live there.

Love is the cry of a newborn child.

Love is the hardships, struggling to get by.

Love is the fight, the strive to do better.

Love is passed down, generation to generation.

Love is wrinkles, and glasses, and gray hair.

Love is two rocking chairs.

Love is through hospitals, sickness, and health.

Love is through tubes, and medicine, and frailty.

Love is the feeling,

of their hand in your own.

Love is the rose, you lay upon the casket.

Love is the emptiness, the hurting, the longing.

Love is the final breath,

taken with a smile.

Love is knowing you’ll meet your reunion.

Love is burning.

Love is passion.

Love is hardship.

Love is fighting.

Love is strong,

it’s hard to beat.

Love is strong,

it’s never weak.

Love is hurt.

Love is triumph.

Love is laughter.

Love is desire.

Love is gentle, kind.

Love is longing.

Love Is Love.


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