Because I loved you,

I stayed longer that I should have.

Because I loved you,

I didn’t acknowledge all the red flags.

Because I loved you,

I didn’t see your true intentions.

Because I loved you,

I let you use me beyond comprehension.


Because you “loved” me,

You’d take my phone.

You’d invite me to sit with you,

But I’d still feel so alone.

You’d tell me one thing,

But I’d hear another.

You’d look embarrassed of me,

Especially when we were together.


I was blind to the acts of treachery

And the manipulative person you turned out to be.

I wish that I had realized sooner,

That you and I never had a future.


Years later and I’m still trying

To open up to people without fortifying.

I’m scared I'll never get to be,

The person I was before you came to me.


Slowly but surely I'll find a way,

To trust the people who say that they "love" me.

Because nowadays I start to think

How often that word is used without an emotional link.


So in the end I guess now I know,

What it shouldn't be like when you are “loved’.

Saying you love someone should not be a justification

For all your acts of condemnation.



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