Because I Love You

I hear you

Not just the words you utter from your lips,

but the ones that remain unspoken

Every inflection, tone,

word that ends up broken

As you quiet and try to hide your true feelings inside that chipper tone and phrase

I can hear that today is not one of your better days

You may not believe it but trust me I’m listening

To every little detail,

even the ones you don’t mention


Because I Love You

I see you

You think no one notices

The difference in your laugh,

A far off look in your eyes unable to focus

Trying to stay grounded but looming behind is that dark place

Of those fears, doubts, insecurities

100 mph your mind starts to race

You smile to the world and say everything’s alright

But when you get home you cry into that same pillow every night

Despite the toll the trials of life start to take

Because I Love You

I see the light and beauty you continue to radiate

I hold you in my arms and tell you the same thing you tell me too

I’m Here.

Because I Love You

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