Wed, 09/20/2017 - 21:24 -- Liv c

This life I was given
For I was told it was a blessing
But i shamed every minute for my love and my pride in my life i won't be able to see the wind in the trees
If I end it

Its the simple things like laughing at stupid inside jokes
They make no sense but to me they mean everything
Homecoming, was never my thing until you came along.

Your smile and your laugh captured me in this cycle of
Loving everyday unlike I used to
You never talked to me before I sat next to you so fate
In my head, wasn't real until you started saying hello to me everyday

Don't tell me how you feel because im terrified of the answer I want
I want the answer that means I wont have to keep writing like this without actually saying these things to your face
But i love you. Maybe as a friend maybe more
I don't know

All i know is I love you.
Thats all that matters.

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