Love Is

Because I love you, you should let me undress you

Because I love you, you should trust my word against theirs

Because I love you, show me your phone, give me your password

Because I love you, spend time with me, not them

Because I love you, you should be I'll leave every time you fuck up

Because I love you, calm down, I was just kidding

Because I love you, you should skip that family dinner and stay here with me

Because I love you, I want to have you in tears when we fight

Because I love you, why are you even looking at her

Because I love you, why won't you answer your phone

Because I love you, if you leave me I'll go back to putting the scars on my arms

Because I love you, let me put my hands on your body

Because I love you, you're lucky to have me

Every day, people are manipulated into thinking this is love, but it's not

Love is I will respect your body like it's a temple 

Love is I will never lie to you

Love is I don't need your password, I trust you

Love is giving you the space you need

Love is never threatening to leave, even when a mistake is made

Love is never prentending like insulting you is okay

Love is go to that family dinner, and take me with you I miss them

Love is working through our fights and arguements together and coming out stronger

Love is it's okay, I know you're her friend, I'm not worried

Love is it's alright baby I know that you're busy

Love is thank you for helping me out of that dark place  

Love is let me get a grip on your beautiful mind 

Love is I'm lucky to have you

This poem is about: 
Our world


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