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Have you ever, just sat and wondered... 
Whether or not a certain person cared? 
Whether they felt the same way you do? 
Whether they'd sacrifice certain things just for you?

Have you ever, just sat and stared... 
Thinking, contemplating, observing the certain things a person does? 
Has this certain person even thought about you? 
As you stare through the window...

Have you ever, just felt this pain... 
A pain where you felt empty. 
A pain where everything at that moment bothered every part of you. 
A pain where it gets to the point of misinterpretation.

Have you ever,  reached a point where it's just not even sad... 
It's not depression...
It's a feeling...
A deep emotion,  constantly fighting it's way around and through you...

Have you ever, felt yourself give up... 
Where you just toss out the positive and let in the negative... 
Feeding your mind with the thoughts of failure and not success... 
Degrading, humiliating, and shameful feeling...

This feeling is unknown... 
Locked between you and your thoughts... 
Only you can break the feeling of your choices, thoughts, and feelings...

There again is that pain
An emptiness inside, 
Life of nothing.

Can't breathe, can't think 
Holding on to this pain, 
That you're unable to let go.

You know the truth, 
You don't want to believe it. 
You don't want to see it.

You cry, you scream 
You want everything around you to just go. 
You can't take it anymore.

You hate them
You love them
But, for some reason there still with you

You made a bond with this person 
You created love with this person 
You created trust as well

Yet it all leads to bullshit
Hurting you
Tearing you apart

You're tired of their bullshit
You're tired of the lies 
And you are most definitely tired of the games

Lemme teach u a lil something about the game
I as well can play as good as you 
Probably even better

You're not slick
Nor quick 
Matter of fact you damn near dumb

You think these Lil games you play are cool
Hurting me the way u do 
Haha Playa you're busted

Not only are you busted 
I'm running it right back on you
You're not going to like it

You're in for something big
Something that will destroy before I could 
And you're running into yourself 
That's all that's circling you
All that's making you think more and more
Now you're caught in your own words

Like I said before 
I'll see you at the end 
If you can make it

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