walking with arms linked

talking about our families

and activities and weather

and politics and fear

reading stories of cadet nurses

painting faint memories

and happily strumming melodies

on the white soprano ukulele

a sweet elderly lady

I volunteer to take care of

and love


a pill is popped into his open mouth

he gulps down a glass of apple juice

every morning

but today - off we go

strolling through the streets of nyc

laughing and having fun

even in a wheelchair

even when his speech impediment

makes him voiceless

but I hear and listen

and understand

he talks and jokes

about the presidential election

the first one I ever voted in

a wonderful elderly man

I work to take care of

and love


learning how to drive

how to love myself

how to love a girl

how make love

how to wear contacts

and see clearly

how and why

I love her

like I love my family

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country


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