I wanna learn love 

Like havin a child 

Like goin out to Harold's where that sauce stay mild

Like callin the new job to see if u on file 

And they answer wit u hired would u like to start tommorow

I wanna learn 

Like the sun jus wanna burn 

Wanna rise up in the morning

So that them birds gone wanna chirp 

So im gonna wanna get up 

And take my butt to church

Cuz I wanna feel love 

And I wanna learn my worth

Wanna learn love 

Buh love seem so exlcusive 

And when I think I got it 

It turns out to be abusive 

Wanna find a human 

That can live without excuses

More like Gina 

And less like Rasputia 

Well, Maybe it don't exist 

Love is battleship and it seems like I always miss

All of these callouses cover my tired skin 

Like 50 layers buh it's made me a better man

Never complain on the love I never had 

Never complain about my shattered past 

Never complain that nice guys finish last 

Cuz I'm still in first place if u really do the math

All these people fear me 

Because I want u near Me 

Preconceived notions 

Be guidin the people's envy 

And all these people want me to fail cuz they can't make it 

Promise me I'm goin to hell cuz my thoughts naked 

I'm sittin at the table chillin wit double aces 

Tape is dropping like this hand and I promise y'all gone hate it 

Buh as you proceed you better act wit caution

Cuz this sound the type to hit u when nobody else is watching 

I said u better act wit caution 

this sound the type to hit u when nobody else is watching 

And now nobody can stop me

I wanna learn love buh that urge is slowly stopping ..

This poem is about: 
Our world


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