Love??? 10/18/16

Jason, Jay, Justin . . . what was his name?
It started with a J and was a friend of fame.
Soft as wool, warm as the sun, his brown eyes
Were owner of my demise.

Killer kiss filled with kind knowledge of his lips
He knew his kingdom built on flirtation and broken hearted women
were the mere purpose to expand his empire.
He never felt the loss of his most desire
His confidence and mobility to speak first
I held my breath as my heart began to thump; afraid it would burst.

Addicted to the smile that made each day tolerable
And the annoyance of his jokes that made me laugh
I gave him all my love
Only to ponder thereof
How he left without hesitation.

I blame myself for falling for his flirtation.
The silliness to underestimate a fuckboy
But I thought it was just a seventh grade crush.

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