" The lost/confused soul"

Sun, 05/01/2016 - 22:03 -- luhpooh

She doesn’t fit the mold everyone has created for her

Yet she stuff herself into it everyday

No matter how hard she try to fit tough

She’s always cramped

Sometimes they make her feel so small she fall right out of it

But she doesn’t want to disappoint anybody. No longer want to be ridiculed

Can’t stand the inappropriate slurs people spit/whisper at her

So every day she fit herself into that too small or too big mold

And tries to be the way people have said is right

She doesn’t know which mold to choose

Too scared to fit into one but refuses to fit into the other

She tries to be both

 Lives a double life... but wish she didn’t have to

Every day she looks down upon herself for being too scared to be herself

But when she can’t take it no more

She became who she truly was inside

She fights for who she is when enough becomes enough

And even though her reality is now harsh, she will never give up her true self!

She put on her make up for the day & her favorite outfit

  Walks out into the vicious world with a smile on her face

Finally she needs neither mold because she is herself 

And she, from now on, will ALWAYS be… herself

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