Lost in You

Totally lost in you.
Finding solace in the tiny crevices of your heart,
Beating and thumping to the sounds of my sighs.
Aching to be close to you but you push me away.

Tender words and soft touches I seek.
Cold shoulders and passing glances I meet.
No rest for the weary who search for your love.
Yearning to be the one you come home to.

Crawling into the cracks of your soul.
Hoping to find myself in your yearnings.
Giving and giving everything I have,
Receiving nothing but friendship.

Lost in you, so I lost myself.
Can't find my way back to my own beginnings.
Lose myself and I've lost all,
Lose you and I've lost nothing.



This is a beautiful poem. I think it's great how each stanza acts like its own short story and when they are connected they help to tell the whole story you wish to convey. My favorite line is "Beating and thumping to the sound of my sighs" because it has a slow, repetitive beat which I believe translates to the tone of the poem.

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