Lost in This World

My words got lost, so did I
In a world where naked beast are “free”,
Where one can’t see with the naked eye,
And where there is no way to flee.

Hearts abandoned, left to die
And my mind is taking over me 
To lead my body through our ride 
Yet driving with insanity.

Emotions prohibited as some crime.
One can rob or kill but not feel.
If you sense anything, it’s not mine.
I’m sorry I follow the “regime”.

I remember the sun at its prime, 
When I was able to praise every beam. 
I now despise its fear to shine
Despite all true power it can redeem.

Families are of shattered hives.
Each member is a stand-alone bee.
Each claims to have saved lives
When none of them have made honey.

Either one only watches or vows to try. 
I am only a small fish in the sea, 
But what if I do chase the light ,
Break the rules ,and fulfill my destiny.

I wish to once again rise 
To the surface and exceed
Every limit to the skies 
Or at least make water clear.


This poem is about: 
My community


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