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  Why am I so ashamed to express myself?

Is it because, I was overweight?

Is it because, my parents are immigrants dragging me to a lower class then everyone else?

Could it be that my social life has already reached extinction, even though it hasn’t already happen?

Maybe it’s because I’m an African-American who fear the fate of my life will end with a similarity of Malcolm X, and Martin Luther King Jr.

Above are factors that are due to judgmental generation and society that I’m currently living in.

If you don’t have an IPhone, or Samsung Galaxy whatever, then you’ll receive the question; what’s wrong with your phone, or is that even a phone?

Being judged is something that I’ve feared my whole life. Whether it was joining sports, clubs, and making new friends.

The real problem however is gaining confidence.

With confidence your fear of being judged vanishes, and is replaced a better individual with self-respect, and a positive outlook on life.


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