Lost in Translation

Fri, 07/10/2015 - 21:39 -- kemi09

Paper to skin

Her to him

Love made sin

Pain turned to a madman

They all seem to misunderstand.

Rumors, gossip, lies...when will it all end?

I love you, I love you?

I gotta step back and question myself because you say you love me...do you really?

I screwed up, big time. 

That January baby I crossed the line

but trust me love, I never lied. 

And would you look at that, how time flies.

You moved on

didn't take you long

Isn't she the same girl you told me not to worry about when things went wrong?


And now the time, the love, the chance we had to make it work is gone 

because I didn't even get a chance to redeem myself, or prove to you that I'm here

Baby I said I'm here.

Don't let fear keep you from me

ya see,

that's what kept me from loving you endlessly. 

This can't be.

The end of my perfect love story.

No, you were always supposed to be here. No, no no. 

Maybe if I close my eyes and dream, 

this hazy, horrible reality will escape me.

And maybe, just maybe

you'll wake up, gasping for fresh, fruitful air

drive to my house 

and find me

there, waiting right where you left me.

I love you....I love you.

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