Lost Tap

Sun, 06/12/2016 - 00:05 -- Sinquia

Most referr to the heart's beat as just that, a beat. Yet with in today's word it's becoming more of a tap.

The heart no longer beats, it's taps.

Yes technology is cool, yet it's ruining our naps.

Making everybody "clap back" 

Oh an embarrassing moment... Let me snap that

Can't eat a meal without snapchat...ing your friends 

Ol yes technologies it wins

Yet certain situations it depends 

texting and driving can be reason your car spins

The tapping of your screen shouldn't have to be the reason your mother pins

Rest in peace signs all over town

Live your life, you only get one life clown

yet you get one thousand taps to phone screen

the person your texting while driving would scream

if you died over something so mainstream



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Our world
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