Lost Soul Tisha

Tisha was only 13 addicted to being abused
Life was a joke slicker to be amused
She didn’t know it was the liquor he abused
Just think that’s the reason he can hit you and be amused
But momma blamed her for every mistake he made
 So she sweat and slaved and gave the best she gave
She was stress but hey anything to make momma proud
Old man long money she knew mama style
But momma always showed her neglect
It was do what he say show him respect  
No friends few family so it was no advice
And nobody believed her even though she never told a lie
She knew she had to be strong because even soldiers cry
But she was at war with the world because now she was pregnant
Plan A was to use Plan B she wouldn’t have it
Abortion was her way to reinsure it
But that failed because she couldn’t afford it and had no insurance
Her only other route was to do the unmanageable  
But in her mind it was something she had to do
She bought a gun from the same guy who touched her
Explicit thoughts got her thinking curse words
She went home unloaded the gun except on in the head
 Her thoughts was the one who wronged her got to be dead
Bowe from the gun she put one in her head
Penciled her whole top filled it with led
Mother ran in the room the scene had no hope
Even worse because her mother never believed her she didn’t leave no note


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