Lost Soul

Alone and lost

Not even a memory

A seed not mature

To understand its ability


A child

A baby

A blank soul in space

Who am I?

Where did I come from?

Who do I resemble in the face?


Little by little

Fade to dream

There’s noise in the distance

Who is that I see?


Where did they go?

All was a blur

Was that a man or woman?

Mother or Father?


Cries in the distance

There’s a wade moon

She’s ashamed of my presence

But she carried me in her womb


My eyes swell to the point of no vision

My brain weeps with the thought of me ending this life I live in

I can’t breathe come and save me from this pain

Who am I? I scream as the echo flows through the air like a crane


Where did he go?

Why doesn’t he care?

What could I have done?

To keep him here


The visions are gone

The room is dark again

I hold myself tight against the window

Inhale exhale and begin again


A seed I am no more

Looking for passion so young and unsure

Maybe he loves me He told me so

Young and naïve I started to show


How can this happen?

 What am I to do?

Left alone again and a growing womb

16 and pregnant and no one’s around

I have been abandoned again where is the love I thought I found


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