Lost Poetry

Not the magical lost you get when you go to Disney
Or walk into your favorite store
Not the dreamy sort of lost you feel when you stare into a pair of eyes or a really good book
Not even the lost track of time because you were so absorbed you didnt realize
I mean the lost that makes you terrified to walk around the corner
The lost that strangles any cry that may escape your lips
The lost that shackles you in place, made into a prisoner unable to reach for help
This lost is a soothing devil, comforting yet deadly
I accept this type of lost, its always been there for me
It is the first thing I feel in the mornings and the last thing I remember before falling asleep
But this lost is seeping into my head,
Corrupting my mind
So much, I forget that this loving lost is poisoning me
The very reason for my suffering, a suffering I have been tricked into believing I deserve
While your lost is a temporary trip, a fleeting feeling, momentary high
My lost is connected to me, laced into my every thought, tangled into my life
Bound to my being, we are one
I am Lost

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