Lost Now

Pointing is bad, my mother would tell me

Respect everyone for who they are

To be big, tall, skinny, or gay

Don't let anyone get in your way

I listened and followed her every word

But when the finger was at me, my visioned blurred

Too fat, too quiet, too not big chest

Said the girl with mighty big breast

They laughed and poked at my weak zone 

I covered my ears and prayed

Stepping on the scale to see how much I weighed

My shoulders dropped, I couldnt bear the sight no more

What's gotten into you, my mother asked

Nothing, I said, I am nothing to adore,

Age 16, I diet and run

I drop the fat, though this isnt fun

I want to impress, I want to be done

Eyes on me, as they oh and aw, they finally see me

This isnt what my mother taught me

To change for others and hate myself

But it can't be helped

I am already sucked into society

My waist snatched and ego high 

My mother waves not to me, but to my heart goodbye.


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