Lost (No more labels, just individuals)

The color of my skin is just another part of me… so what?

My gender does not define me… so what?

I am not restrained by my religion… so what?

My sexuality does not dictate my individuality… so what?


Who are you?

To categorize me

Define me

Design me

The proprietor of society?


I am my own person

I am unique

I should be appreciated for my whole person

Not downsized by every little thing


Call me white

Call me Christian

Call me male

Call me heterosexual

Labels have become a form of libel


Did you really know that person like you say you do?

Just because he’s black doesn’t mean that he can’t swim

Just because he’s white doesn’t mean that he can’t dance

Just because she’s Latino doesn’t mean that she’s not legal


I know who I am

But, in a world without labels

Who are you?

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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