Lost Love

Just let me go,
we've obviously reached our low,
You think I'm boring and useless,
Our love has reached a weakness,
I'm trying to keep us going along,
But you're singing a completely different song,
It's hard and it's rough,
But I'm not sure our hearts are that tough,
If I could only keep you forever, 
But I know I'm not that clever,
You've made me the happiest I've ever been,
Because I know in my life I haven't met the best men,
Although now I'm starting to see, 
I don't think I still make you happy,
I know I'm not the prettiest,
I know I'm not the smartest,
And I'm still trying to figure out who I am,
Although I know I am a gem,
A precious and strong stone,
Not just some stinky doggy bone,
I want to be wanted,
I love to be flaunted,
But you're giving me the opposite,
What am I to do when I see you all sad and blue,
I try to please and comfort you,
You have me crying everyday, because I hate it can't be your way,
I love see you happy and glad,
I cry harder when I know you're sad,
Please help me help you,
I swear that's the only thing I want to do


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