Lost God

Ain’t scared, just respectful!

Had her conduct been more friendly towards me, I would have felt sorry for her.

She’s crazy—she won’t fight you anymore.

Someone inside the house was laughing.

It’s like angel’s breath this evening.

Then I saw a shadow.

When we went inside the house I saw that he had been crying,

then Christmas came and disaster struck.

He began pouring out our secrets right and left in total disregard for my safety, if not for his own, omitting nothing.

Marksmanship’s a gift from God.

Old hell-devil!

It was a happy cemetery.

For no reason I felt myself beginning to cry, but I could not stop.

A nightmare was upon us.

They don’t belong anywhere.

He turned slowly in his swivel chair looked benignly at the witness.

What on earth was her life like?

Somehow it ain’t right to do ‘em that way.

I had never encountered a being who deliberately perpetrated fraud against himself.

His shoulders jerked as if each “guilty” was a separate stab between them.

They’ve done it before and they did it tonight and they’ll do it again.

He wasn’t guilty in the first place and they said he was.

People up there set ‘em free, but you don’t see ‘em settin’ at the table with ‘em.

He doesn’t have anywhere to run off to…

Lightning bugs were still about.

Equal rights for all, special privileges for none.

Thus began our journey together.

Angel bright, life-in-death; get off the road don’t suck my breath.

He can tell you his name.

It’d be sort off like shooting a mockingbird.

Will you take me home?

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