The Lost Girl


United States
29° 14' 36.5928" N, 82° 7' 1.038" W

I'm looking for a girl that was once young. Someone very beautiful and oh so sweet. She had high hopes and wonderful dreams of who she wanted to be. I'm searching for that little girl that was always happy. She had a light in her eyes, song in her heart, and love in her voice. But something happened and she lost her way. Things began to change within her, small changes that showed how different she had become.

Her voice was lost and instead of it being filled with love, anger and rage began to corrupt her and take over. Eyes turning dark, the light that was suppose to everlasting faded away. Through it all, she was still trying to find her way home. Days turned into months because time went by like the blink of an eye. Months turned into years and somewhere along the way she fell apart. She learned so many life lessons and went through many storms. Dealing with constant tears and heartache but praying to find a better way to get to her promising future.

Through it all, she grew up. She became older, wiser, smarter, faster, and she regained something lost - her smile. After all that had happened to her she fought through the hurt, pain, lies, and abuse. She fought through bullying, anger, and bitterness. She became someone who could hold her head up high and proud of she was and who she became. The lost girl was finally found, the lost girl was me.

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