Lost Generation

Mon, 07/28/2014 - 12:21 -- Chris X


Every human body is an expression of divine breath.

We are all made in God's image but yet we still fight the lust of the flesh.

I try my best to be Cuba Good, but my life is as funny as Mike Epps

And I love beautiful women like Beyonce, I admire a nice butt and breast

So my whole damn life I've been fighting temptations.


If every human body is an expression of divine breath, then why do i face discrimination for my pigmentation?

Why does the white man rule the nation?

Why are so many people dying from starvation?

And why am I filled with so much frustration about growing up in my hood location?

I lived so close to the train station, that every time it passed i felt the vibrations.

I need a vacation. Can't afford one, I could use a donation

Instead I put blunts in rotation, puts my mind in a sedation.

My mind is like a rocketship getting higher and higher till i reach my space station.

Now im just way out in space, just gazing at the constelllations.

They say getting high is wrong, then why am I so in love with this sensation?


Why am I forced to live in a time where everything is ran by corporations?

Every big business are all ran by a bigger and higher power, conglomeration.

The western society is based soley on business relations and operations.

Ironically, its so damn hard to get an occupation with a decent compensation.

Every human body is an expression of divine breath,

So tell me then why laws that are meant to keep us in check and protect our liberation,

does not protect us as African Americans. Instead it promotes our degredation.

Because they dont want us to see our college graduations.

OHHH NOOO MASA!! They want us in that new slave system of incarceration.

As a race we mad progress, but recently it has been nothing but stagnation


We are Stuck.

Stuck in our ignorance

Stuck in this idea of fast money, cars, and girls

Stuck in this system of Section 8 and welfare

Stuck in prisons

Stuck in drug dealing

Stuck in this stupid idea of "swag" and spending all of our money on "fly shit"

Stuck in this mindset that we cant achieve anything you put your mind to

So we turn into drug dealers, fake rappers, scammers or get caught up in lost hoop dreams

Because "Ball is Life"

So they're in the gym putting up shots non stop, just hoping they could get a shot in the league

And some do make it because they worked hard and they believed

And im not saying that its impossible to achieve

But i know a lot of people, that the elite socks on their feet, was the closest they got to being elite.


Girls my age and younger are out here getting pregnant or on Facebook

posting generic statuses about how they're "tryna find a man" or worried about how their face looks

Can't remember the last time their face was in a book, 

but they'r quick to take a bottle or blunt to the face.


We are the lost generation filled with youth living life at a fast pace.

Just running in life's race on an ever lasting chase

to be accepted and appreciated, but we'll never ever win

we always manage to come in last place.

We need to build up leaders, to help save us from this fate, before it's too late.

I, Chris X, will humbly volunteer. Change is coming soon just wait


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