A lost friendship

How can someone that was once so close 

just forget about you and bid you goodbye? 

Was I so easy to forget? 

The years of our friendship and time it took to build 

only for it to come tumbling down so easily. 

The foundation of our friendship was not as strong 

as I thought it would be. 

Something went wrong. 

I must have been lacking. 

I must have been wrong. 

I musn't have been enough. 

Did I not do enough? 

Not long ago, we were laughing and talking 

about our futures intertwined. 

Talking about how we would be best friends for life. 

Here we are down separate paths not even 

acknowledging what we once had. 

I often thought why friendships had to end.

You said you would always be there for me, but you're not. 

I realize now that things are not forever. 

Sometimes forever means the end. 

Friends will come and go, 

but true best friends will be by your side. 


A friendship lost is a very sad thing.

I was afraid to be alone because 

You left a void in my life, 

and left the memories that I will never forget. 

But now I realize 

that although that part of my life is now over 

you still were a part of my life to begin with. 

I have accepted this change in my life, 

and look forward to embracing new changes. 

I hope you find yourself too. 

Our friendship has long gone, 

but all that remains of this lost friendship 


are these photographs 

in which those memories are left frozen for a lifetime. 






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