Lost Dreams

We live in a world where
Our generation is frowned upon because
of what they THINK we will do.
But the MAN can not hold us down with LOST DREAMS

Its sad because some of us have dreams
But these dreams turn to hopes
And these hopes turn to I don’t knows
And these I don’t knows turn to I don’t cares.

Today, you are not HOT if you’re not an entertainer,
Maybe an athlete or a model.
Anything to be in the “SPOTLIGHT”
But NO
You do not see many aspiring teachers, or doctors
Maybe architects, or want to be presidents.
Everybody wants the FAST life
But does not want to do the work to get there

Maybe the little girl
With the fantasy to be the psychologist
Or the young boy in the hood who wants to be the big time doctor
But as they get pressured and forced to be less than potential.
That’s where it gets to be LOST DREAMS

Possibly the teen in a house
Single mom
Five siblings
Yeah, that’s the one
The one that aspires to be the next BLACK PRESIDENT
But not if he can not conquer his senior year in high school
Because he’s trying to FIT IN
This is how lost dreams come into play

Because of the people with ambition
That do not put it to use
The people that are multi-talented
But allow peer- pressure and the weights of the world get the BEST of them

This is to the people that aspire to do something with their lives
The people that will not stop trying until they stop breathing
The girl with the baby at 17 that believes she can not go to college
Do not be fooled by LOST DREAMS

Well, I refuse to be another statistic
I refuse to let other people get the best of me
I refuse to let someone steal my hopes away



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