Lost Dreamer


The land of dreams

but I'm home to schemers

lost dreamers through cold 

realities of life hoping just to see the day

no thought on what the future lies

only hoping to everything done by sunset

can careless by new horizon but offend dream

if thing were different if better opportunities  where presented

wondering why there option was limited but back

to reality dreams to far out reach as stomach hurts and eyes are heavy

Figure as long i can eat and find rest you be fine

no longer taking chances trying not to lose the little bit you still have

no longer dream chasing just try to survive to live the daily life

the coldest of reality can braek your dreams

it will surely challenge you to reconsider your moves and motives

I speak of this so candidly cause i was the lost dreamer struck down by reality

Lost it all but yet i refuse to give in

only once i realized that i lost everything that could only gain more

I refuse to stay a lost dreamer as the people around me

so i will chase on hoping to inspire the lost dreamers.





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