A Lost Child

A child she was; a special little girl, different from the rest;

With faith only a child could possess, she opened her heart to me;

No door was locked on faith, hope, or love;

No weakness revealed, concealed no hate;

The pain, the hurt, and the deceit were there,

And oh, the sorrow only showed to me!


I gave her love for love, but deep inside,

I declined the frailty into love;

Each mountain-topped tumble in the darkness below,

Concurring shadows where strife flowed,

Reproof became rendered, till love grew

The spacious word at every care I knew.

She smiled upon the roses and bore with the sureness that was there;

Until at length, so had my heart grown,

She knew I loved her for her heart alone.


Alone, of all children, I loved her best,

Refused the hate, to take a leap of faith!

Cold children honored for the faith, hope, and love they saw;

Her parents forgot the ruby in the dust.


At last the day came – The day she smiled wide

When from my eyes she gave her heart;

With refraining grace and uncertainty

A great love in her heart warmed;

When in her eyes I read what I had been;

And with her eyes I had saw what she saw.


Too soon! Too soon! Oh would she have seen

When her faith died, that mine had grown;

That when the curtain had been drawn, cursed, and chastised,

The darkness stood, the lost child was truly prized.


Too soon doesn’t always learn – a person must uphold their child

Un-hated, un-abused, accepted, and loved until the end.   

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My family
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