Everywhere I go

Night or day

I feel cut off

From the rest of the world

It’s like am living

Yes ……. But inside a bubble

A colourless bubble floating

Flowing in the direction

Of the clueless wind



Lost in the atmosphere

Filled with atoms

Not defined by mass

But even less humanity

With no clear route to track

Lost in the abyss of marginalization

And so, it’s a lost cause

For even the air

Lost its lane into slavery

And so, it never floats

Nor sink into empty promises

That the wind never blows



People come

Into our lives and leave

Through the same crack

They came in through

Some cross our paths accidentally

But only a handful

Will know the story

And we keep living

Inside that bubble

Not floating nor sinking

For it’s a lost cause



They promised us

A better future

And feed us thousand lies

For its always the same world

Word for word

They traded our hope

And we sold them our trust

But walk home unwanted

For its our heart we traded

And suicidal become our medic

For its all a lost cause.

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My community
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