Lost and Wandering


I am lost and wandering.

I wonder how I am so lucky.

I hear her voive inside me.

I saw the world crumbling around me.

I wanted her to save me from the chaos.

I am lost and wandering.

I pretended to smile and laugh,

I felt a fire inside me, when i saw her face.

I touched her; I saved her world, like she saved mine.

I worry I'll lose her, its a nightmare to me.

I cry when she tells me her darkest secrets, so dark and evil.

I am lost and wandering....

I know I can be cruel and foolish.

I said no one could save me from the chaos of this crumbling world, but she already has!

I dream about her daily.

I try to make her smile and laugh, I do so often.

I hope she knows she means more than the world to me.

I am found and captured by her unconditional love for me.


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