Fri, 09/13/2013 - 21:46 -- tward04


 Wash your handsSit down and rest your feetThe more that I fightThe more that I hideWhy is my tongue nailed to the floor!?Pulling from myself to take a course of actionWhen the shark bites or the bee stingsWhen life seems like an endless wellTake the book down and let me re-write the story the way it happenedNo fairytales only a torn dress and a broken ringOne last time I'll meet you eye to eyeStuck in circles listening to your wisper as if it's a secretSummarizing your words to keep me in your grasp but holding your head down So here I go closing my eyes and seeming the reality I thought couldn't beThis will be the turn of our lives c.Taylor Ward 11/03/2012


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