Thu, 08/01/2013 - 15:49 -- Myrcele

I feel like a lonely striped sweater. Lost in the lost in found. I feel like a cinderella seeking to be free. But i can find any room to branch free. So i sruggle down and watch everyone. Walk around in glee. I hide who i really am so when that day someone walks in to me in my life i put up a brick wall.. but i always end up like humppty dumpty..ending with a grate fall so i find my self in a dark room stareing up in to the skies. Praying that someone can answer my prayers. But all i can get is for u to walk and stare. Days when it seems im Okay, a smile takes the place of my frown. So i drift off in a world were i were the crown.. i open my mouth to speak my mind and my world comes crashing down like to twin towers. My powers are gone on a ride on da magic school bus. Sanking my boat so deep i see the Titanic. My happiness is gone. Like a passing. In a grave 6feet deep. My anger grows heavy like an acholic. So everyone i knoe gives up me. Left me alone in a world so lonely and cold. Kick me out of house and say "Im On My Own" so im back were i started from in a dark room. In a corner in my own little world

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