Thu, 11/01/2018 - 00:03 -- Pemo

Had the earth been flat;
I would have the direction to walk.
I would look beautiful and at peace,
Like the golden autumn and mesmerizing spring.

I can't choose the side on this globe,
Thus, losing myself to my curiosity, temptations and experiencing sheer vastness and complexity.

Unschooled of how long the scars would remain,
I put up the sword in the air.
Everytime my sword stricks the other,
The mild message yet unheard is thrown my way.
The music I heard mystified those chaos and cries from the battle field.
Until my arms could no longer hold the shield,
Until those small wounds reopened,
Until I saw my down cast appearance of my head,
I realized that victory is not mine if I win,
Yet if I loose all of me would be taken along with this defeat.
The fight with the roller coaster of emotions
And the fight with myself Is all I did.

Thank you!!!!

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