Where to go

What to do

I'm so confused

Heart aching 

Torn in two

I always knew


Deep inside

This feeling 

Of being lost

But knowing

And feeling

Are different

All the same

Again and again

The pain repeats

And the puzzle

Is scattered

Once more

The pieces 

Are all over

And it's hard

To put it back


Which goes

With which 

Again I start

To tremble

I am the puzzle

And I am broken

The pieces are lost

When will I find

Them all again

Do I have glue

Or tape

It's hard 

To keep on going

This very same way

When you keep

Going in circles

Life loses

Its meaning

With no solution

And no answers

Just repetitive 


Unsure and tired 

Are my main feelings

As the struggle

To know who I am

Continues on and on

I fear it'll be too late

When I realize

Everything is gone. 

This poem is about: 
My family
Our world


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