The Loss of Love


When lust is greater than love

When hurt is too much to heal

It’s hard to stay in love,

When there’s nothing left to feel.


When the pain of holding on

Defeats the fear of letting go

That is when I realize

This love can live no more.


When memories begin to fade

When gifts become just things

With mementos thrown away

When picture frames hold nothing.


When care becomes a struggle

With fights where no one wins

When advice becomes intolerable

When patience wears thin


Then the storms break through

And hearts end up broken

Cutting words parry

Apologies remain unspoken


Then forgive is not an option

To forget is what we choose

But as time slips past us

We reflect on what we lose


Then regret fills our minds

We ask ourselves, “What if”

What if we tried harder?

Would we still feel like this?


But the mending time has passed

And the opportunity slipped away

And the love that was once before

Is now completely decayed


When lovers become strangers

When friends forget their names

This is a glimpse of love’s last battle

And the PTSD* that came.






*Posttraumatic Stress Disorder: type of anxiety disorder that develops after an extreme emotional trauma.  Many soldiers come back from war and develop PTSD; the sound of banging may cause them to have a panic attack for it may remind them of gunshots.

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This is amazing and I relate entirely.


Thank you!! 


Awesome poem!  I love your writing style.  =)


Thank you so much!!! :)
It's good to know people like how my words flow ;)


Completely awesome!


You're Completely Awesome!! :)


Wow this was seriously beautiful. It flows so nicely! I actually teared up a little at the end!


Thanks so much! 


I love this poem. it hit me as soon as i started reading it i related immediately. its amazing. the author is truly talented


Thank you soo much!!!! This means a lot to me! :)


wow its crazy how much i felt this poem. i just got out of a break up a few months ago and he just dont want anything to do with me so my best option was to just forget bout him all together. hard part is he go to my school. but hey its best to forget and move on.


Thanks hun!!! Don't worry you'll make it through!

Lakia Peace

Ive seen relationships like this...this a beautiful poem really nice :)


Yeah I tried to encompass the basic emotions in a breakup.  Such as the stages of anger, sadness, and regret, as well as moments where you miss them, but you can't go back.  And Thank you very much :)
I'm glad you enjoyed it :)


I really loved this poem. It was painful to read because I could relate. Some of the best writing often causes the most pain.


Sorry if I caused you any pain! It was designed to touch the heart though, so I am glad that it reached you in that way.  To be honest, it was painful to write at some points.


Truely down to earth. Keep up your amazing work and i hope to read more :)


Thanks! Hopefully I can create something worth reading soon :)


This is beautiful :) I love it!


this is really touching. a lot of people can conenct with this and with have given them some strength....


this is truly amazing :)


This is awesome! It flows and has true emotion behind it. Thanks for sharing! :)


Words cannot sum it up, but Yours surely did... Very well put!!


Words cannot sum it up, but Yours surely did... Very well put!!


Words cannot sum it up, but Yours surely did... Very well put!!


Your performance truly adds to the emotional effect of this poem and you tell a story that too many know too well. Great job! I really love the PTSD reference-- it mystifies the poem. :)

Thanks for sharing!

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