The Loss Of Innocense

Get your hands off me

Don't touch me there

Nobody  lookin nobody even care

how did i end up here

why do feel this fear

get your hands off me

there dirty there unclean

the things you do are obscene

you told me lies you said i was your world

all the things i wanted to hear as a girl

why wont anyone save me these chains are too tight

i wanted to shine so big so bright

your words are turning my dreams sour

you ate all my love and ripped me apart every hour

no keep my clothes on

why is everything going wrong

why didn't i listen to my mother she was right

your not an angel your not even giving off light

Mr. Tall dark and handsome is not my knight in shining armor

but the devils face that haught my dreams the with in the tower

theres blood everywhere and i start to feel numb

my voice wont cry out i'm starting to go dumb

the pain fills my body with hate

nobody can tell me they can relate

all this hate is pointed at you

all the thing you said that wasn't true

you leave never to be seen again

leaving me alone to face the sin

I ask for help and i wonder why

all i see is jaundice in their eyes

they say its not the truth

just stories i had made up because i'm a youth

my skin too seen my clothes were too tight

i'm having problems sleeping at night it just wasn't right

I cry myself to sleep again i knew from the start

that no one could help me or my broken heart




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