the loss and love of humanity - a thanks to rupi kaur

chaotic thoughts fracture the very fiber of my being
the velocity of my heart beating does not compare to the evils im seeing
so much regret, so much temptation to destroy i am achieving
like a flowing sea of water, the damnation of these voices i am believing
the well being i am seizing and oblivion i am keeping
all of which i hope to keep so i can belittle the hopes of myself ceasing.
but you, oh wise one, far from fleeting
in you, i find who i am, my being
you, rupi, help me to find the good i want to be seeing
your words turn my self doubt into the self love i am achieving
like a ray of sunshine, there is a happiness in life i am believing
my well being i am keeping and hatred i am seizing
the hope you give me and love in life i am shining to keep sadness ceasing

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Our world
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