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Shocking scars,

The past,

So long ago,

Hurt entrenched so deep,


No words can describe,

The manner in which it resides,

No tears can make

The agony seap. 


Ever present,

Heavy and weary,

Journey called life throws lots of desires our way, 

Longest of time, they have been forever out of my reach.


Ones mind forced to continue,


Searching for a solution,

Lost in the grey.


Thus loss is a doubble whammy,

Stuck in the darkness of yester year,

Triggered by events,

Present day.


May take,

Exit from this trip,

Continue to burden myself,

Unrelenting sorrow.


Wasn't my choice, 

Forced upon me,

Yet I see sadness,

Been my closest companion.


If I had a switch,

I would surely press it,

 Yet it seems stuck,

With superglue.


Forever frozcen

In the headlights,

Awaiting fate,

Hopeful bliss. 

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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