Losing You

I'm consumed with darkness

I don't ever leave my house

It's like I'm trapped in a nightmare

And there's no way out


I'm putting up a front

But nothing seems to please me

Everyone says I'm so strong

But none of this is easy


I wish I could drink away my sorrows

But I'm too young to be a drunk

Wish I could drop out of school

But I'm too prideful to be a flunk


Ari's just a baby 

I know i gotta be her rock

None of this was supposed to happen

And I'm still in utter shock


I'm pushing people away

That's always been how I cope

Everyone says it'll get easier 

Just keep holding onto hope


I'm only eighteen 

Why have I been through so much pain?

There's so much hurt in my body

And I feel the anger throughout my veins 


Sometimes I wish I was dead

I'd much rather be with you

Cause I'm running out of strength 

And this seems so overdue 


I thought I was over this

I thought that I  had changed

But for every problem I solve 

I get another in exchange 


This poem is about: 
My family


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