Trying not to think of you is like trying not to stumble while walking blind folded. Thoughts of you soaking up the left side of my brain. Crazy how a person can be so mentally beautiful. Believing every word you say, like lies don't exist. Crossing my fingers every time my iPhone rings. Please let it be you! Listening to your voice, getting so caught up in how great you sound I forget to follow along with what you say. Loving how you own everything you do and wishing you could own me too... I think I'm losing my cool

Sometimes while showering I Imagine you there. And close my eyes while the warmth of the water beats against my skin. Giving me a feeling you've given me before. Hands so warm, causing my body to mist somehow. Giving my body feelings I'm unsure about. Stripping me mentally of any history of the guy before you. Indulging in whatever you call this supply of what your dishing out. Having all of you near me, invading my space and taking over my mind. At this moment feeling like I can see my world thru your eyes. My arms holding on so tight, as if I was scared someone would try to snatch you away from me.. My sentences have turn to fragments and my hair to frizz. Never had I cared so less about my grammar and appearance. I felt more beautiful in such an ugly way. I think I'm losing my cool

Visions of you, in my mind, looking better than a man should be allowed. Hands rough but soft, body heavy but elegant. Lips full, and round. Soo good to me that I imagine you while using my Chapstick. Admiring every part of you, like some sort of art.  Painting visions of you whenever your away. A face worth all of my thoughts. I think I'm losing my cool

Damn, I've lost my cool


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