The Lord to Me

Just for the tiniest moment
I felt the Earth
turn under my feet.
I'm so small and imperfect 
moving only because You are leading.
I never have felt so tiny or anchored.
I never have felt
such a clear path.
I never have felt 
so humbled.
I could never thank You enough.
Now I know why
I'm talking the way I'm talking,
running the way I'm running,
doing the things I'm doing.
I felt the galaxies
spin in time with your music.
Everything is playing 
in tune with You.
It's so glorious,
it's so amazing.
How do You do something so amazing?
Will Your wisdom ever fail?
Every time I feel Your presence,
I want to fall on my knees
and praise You
and worship You. 
I'd ask how I ever did anything
without You,
but You've always there.
Without You I am nothing,
but with You I am here.
With You I am special,
with You I am loved.
Your love is boundless,
and all I can say is
Thank You.


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