Lord! Lord! Why Do You Still Love Me?

I speared You in the side,
I made You a crown of thorns.
I nailed Your hands to cross,
I spat in Your face and walked away.

Lord! Lord! Why do You still love me?

I let the world consume me,
Or rather I consume the world.
I eat the pride of life by day,
I drink worldly desires by night.

Lord! Lord! Why do You still love me?

My flesh keeps winning,
The Devil puffs his chest with victory.
My heart keeps losing,
My spirit bows its head in shame.

Lord! Lord! Why do You still love me?

Now I’m on my knees,
Kissing Your scarred feet.
Lord I praise Your name,
Because You still love me.



I love this! :)


This is awesome!


I love this. It's weird how your poem sums up my thoughts, but oh so cool. You're able to put a feeling into words - something I can't do. Good job :)

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