Lora Lora



This can't be happening to me

It was just one time

I only allowed It to happen one time

It was one time

Just one time 

I swear

It was only one time

He asked me and I said yes

He said "Just one time"

I said "Yes. Just one time"

I only let this happen one time

One time only

Is this what happens when you let something like that happen one time?

As many times we've done It

He asked me for just one time

I approve for It to only happen one time

Out of all the times we done this 

It now happens this one time

Oh my

My mom

My dad

My sister

My Grandmother

My school

My life

All because of this one time

Why did I do It?

I know why

Because It was only suppose to happen one time

Mom I swear It was only one time

He asked me for just this one time

One time only

Mom you have to belive me

Dad please

I'm still your little girl from this just happening one time

I'm sorry but you have to believe me that we only did this once

I don't know what to do now

This wasn't planned I promise

It was only one time

A one time that's here for a life time

This poem is about: 
Our world


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