Loose Knots.

Tue, 12/01/2015 - 20:15 -- SLK

Wind breaks my chest as you continuously blow me away.

There’s something inside of me seeping through the gashes of your comfort,

Telling me that the cracks within your embrace

Aren’t just there from the vintage glue that has kept our souls together

From a distance, however.

My mind has always followed you, because my heart is stuck on

Your shoelaces.


Stomped around as if I was never really there.

I couldn't steer myself away

Because to get away would be

To take your laces.

I knew how much you liked to move around,

I was always dragged behind.

But I could become my own baron. To take charge,

To move on in my own life.


I had to make sure that your shoes

Would stay on,

I wouldn't want you to trip.


You’re awfully friendly, you always have somewhere to be or

Someone to

See. But it's okay because

I was right there with you!

Maybe slightly dusty and or…


It’s alright; I always made sure to keep

My sneezes quiet,

So they wouldn't disturb you from your new finds...

New friends...



Eventually you bought new shoes,

So eventually I was able to cut the lace and head on, but

The string was still frayed.

I started to prefer boots that zippered. I figured that

Maybe a change in stride could even my ride.

At least zippers were easier, faster, to be undone.

Or maybe I just thought you'd change your style.


I refused to be soft any longer, knowing that I could be his sole

No more—his soothing lie—but I’d start to let others

Utilize me as one.

Cherished at night but deserted in the light.

It’s exactly what you think,

You didn't misunderstand me,

You’re just surprised of what I can hide.


But it's been a few years now, and I’d forgotten what it was like

To write your name...

Until recently... and once again

I am wearing high tops...



You’ve found shirts and ties, and well,

Lately I’ve found myself drawn to bow ties. I think I’ll

Take up sewing, I hope you're okay

With a ribbon that is



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