Looking For You


You say "write me into a poem" but the only poem I ever wrote soley for you, were three words you never wanted to hear. Three words that come out as a rush off the end of my tongue like a waterfall. If you love the way they say your name then listen harder because there is someone who says your name like it's the only thing that makes sense. You are everything beautiful liuke sunlight and lightening bugs. You struck a cord in me and lately I've been humming to the tune of your laugh. I could write paragraphs on just your crescent half moon smile or the way your eyelashes dance around the pools of your eyes like they've got secrets. Maybe love is something like pulling teeth because I've been mumbling "I love you" and it still aches. I think I just wanted you to be the answer so bad that I wrote you into every prayer I ever had. You are 11:11 wishes and a four leaf clover pressed into an old thesaurus. I could never find the right word until I realized the only thing I was looking for was you.


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