Looking in the mirror...


I look in the mirror and see nothing

What I mean by nothing I mean everything, but happiness 

 I see the scars on my wrists, hips, and thighs

I see my full rib cage and the numbers dropping down on the scale


Looking in the mirror I also see the pathetic girl

The girl who’s a screw up; tries to please everyone yet she's not happy 

Only around certain people she's happy just for a split second 

She wanted help but her pride got the best of her


She gets flashbacks of getting beaten 

Head to toe, bruises and bumps all over her 

Till this day she can barely breathe; She feels like She’s suffocating 

Like there's so much weight on her chest she can't move 


She  hallucinates… hallucinates of the wrong doings 

Waiting for the bus and She just wants to stand in the street 

Knowing she’s going to get hit, wanting it to happen 

She wouldn't even move if a car was coming  


Another aiming a gun at her temple crying on her knees

Everyone watching her and trying to stop her 

Another way of disappointing her family


She’s doing it for her own good

no more pain, no more flashbacks, no more hallucinating

She wants it to stop and it's the only way 

Looking in the mirror I see a girl who’s already dead





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so heartfelt, you have a true talent for poetry

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