Looking for Liberty


United States

I didn't laugh when they laughed.
I didn't speak when they spoke.
I didn't smile when they smiled.
I didn't break when they broke.


I didn't like what they liked.
I didn't do what they did.
I didn't follow their lead.
I didn't hide when they hid.


I unhinged them, the day
when I chose my own path.
I dismissed fundamentals,
never fearing their wrath.


My courage chiseled away
at the shrine they built up,
like a menacing volcano
threatening to erupt.


I was the disobedient dog
who bayed at the sun.
But when the others took notice,
the Man pulled out his gun.


They worked to hold
me inside a box
with walls slowly encroaching,
an irrevocable lock.


They chastised my actions,
my opinions, and ideals.
They censored my integrity,
worrying what I'd reveal.


But I broke free of their reign
of terror and tyranny,
looking to live
under my own authority


Maybe I fell
short of my dreams,
but I caused such distress,
bringing them to extremes.


So I'll keep raising my voice
and standing up tall.
I am not as simple
as they believed after all.

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