Looking onto High School

The whole situation makes me think

that I’m not ready for anything,

or the fact that I should prepare for what comes next--

a assignment should do,

a relaxing night will help,

a conversation with my friends does help.


You tell me it is too early to be thinking ahead,

but that is because you don’t know

the pressure that comes

and to only wish to go back to the old times.

But I can stay awake and recall every moment.

At 5 I was Princess Jasmine

I could fly on my magic carpet

by only rubbing the lamp that started it all.

At 8 I was a fashion designer, at 9 a barbie maniac.


But now I am mostly on my bed

reading all the study material at night

Back then I never felt as insecure

dancing randomly in my kitchen,

and playing Band Hero in the family room

for now I don’t do that,

all the instruments have disappeared from it.


This is the beginning of reality, I think to myself,

as I walk to my homeroom with my backpack.

It is time for me to say hello to my closest friends,

time to turn to the people I care about most.


It seems only years ago I used to believe

there was nothing I couldn’t do

If you compete with me, I won.

But now when I can’t do anything but settle,

I know I am not invincible. I lose.


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